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Boom lift

Ningbo Lank Linear Motion Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 07, 2016


Boom lift is arm-lift replacement products. Can hanging stretch job, and across must of obstacles or in a at lifting can for more points job; 36 0 degrees rotating, platform load volume big, can for two people or more people while job and can carrying must of equipment; lifting platform mobile sex good, transfer site convenient; outside type beautiful, applies Yu station, and Terminal, and Mall, and sports venues, and community property, and factories workshop, big range job.


Made of high quality steel, one side welding both sides formation technology, imported hydraulic pumping station or domestic joint venture hydraulic pumping station, aerial work platform mounted with automatic pressure balancing valve and other safety devices, the platform safe, reliable and durable. The series lifts can move freely, stable lifting load, easy operation,


Crank-type aerial working platform in accordance with the arms can be divided into straight arm and crank two, and more for the shipyards and other highly demanding places, this type of machine safety and easy to move, but the cost is very high. Widely used in factories, automated warehouses, car parks, municipal, railway stations, airports, theatres, exhibition halls, dock, construction, renovation, logistics, power, transportation, petroleum, chemicals, hotels, stadiums, industries, enterprises, such as Spider-man and maintenance. Is the maintenance of machines and tools, paint repair, replacement lamps, electrical appliances, the best choice for cleaning and maintenance purposes. According to individual requirements, design and manufacture. Firefighters generally use this lift.