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features of Electric lift table

Ningbo Lank Linear Motion Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 11, 2018

Electric lift table description:

1. Ergonomic concept design to keep you active, healthy and efficient at work.

2. When you need it, you can change between a sitting position and a standing position to make the desk a comfortable work environment suitable for both sitting and standing.

working principle:

The worm gear on the motor gear drives the turbine to rotate, and the small screw rod in the turbine moves axially. When the limit rod is driven by the connecting plate to move axially to the desired stroke, the limit switch presses the lower stroke switch to switch off the power. The motor stops running.

Product Features:

1. Electric control height adjustment, easy to operate, fast.

2. The lifting process is smooth, synchronous and with little noise.

3. LED backlight control panel, real-time display desktop height.

4.4 memory preset buttons, memorize 4 common heights.

5. The metal structural parts are made of high-quality cold-rolled sheet, with a solid structure and beautiful appearance.

6. There is a universal adjustment foot pad at the foot, which automatically flats the ground, and the desk body does not shake smoothly.

Electric lift table Applications: Advanced intelligent executive desks, conference tables, conference tables, executive tables, training tables, student desks, lifting podiums, workstation desks, executive desks, hotel desks, reception desks, kitchen equipment , conference tables, monitoring tables, and even industrial tables

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