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Standing is an attitude

Ningbo Lank Linear Motion Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 25, 2018

    Standing in office ---- Ms. Morrison, who lives in Hamburg, is a computer family. She sat on the office for a long time and she suffered from lumbar disease. She then put the small activity computer desk that she originally used to put on the bed to the desk. At last, he began to try a "stand-up office". Soon, the symptoms of lumbar discomfort were relieved. After that, some colleagues around the site who had suffered from sedentary lumbar discomfort also bought lift tables and tried to stand at work.

    Standing in a meeting - Some companies in Frankfurt had a small alarm clock and set the alarm time at 20 minutes before the meeting. The staff members stood there and exchanged opinions enthusiastically. The alarm clock ended and the meeting ended. Because only talking about points without talking nonsense, it saves time and achieves results.

     Standing in class - In a school in Munich, children in third grade primary school stood up and listened to lectures. Their desks were much taller than regular desks. The children were listening to the teacher at the table. During the breaks, they sit on the rug for a while. The teachers think that this new way of class will increase the children's interest in learning, and it will also help the obese children to lose weight.

     Standing drinking - there are many open-air "standing bars" in the streets of Dusseldorf. In the place outside the window or against the wall, place two or three chests with high or long chests or round tables. A few people are chatting together without a sentence. The two cigarettes drink less than a half cup of red wine. Both leisure and money.

    Standing on the game - Tom is a game enthusiast and has also won good prizes because he has a very high level of online games and he is interested in developing for professional players. It is indispensable to spend a lot of time playing games every day. Homework can sit for most of the day. When he is young, his cervical spine is too much to eat. He often has his arms stiff and he has to go to the hospital for advice. The doctors and experts give him three or two suggestions: Aggravate the illness. 2. Use a lifting table to stand and play games alternately. 3. Persist in walking 10,000 steps a day.

     Tom listened to the doctor's advice. When he took part in a state-level competition three months later, his cervical spine was much easier, and he once again won the game cleanly.

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