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Standing up, lose weight and be healthy

Ningbo Lank Linear Motion Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 25, 2018

   Standing up, lose weight and be healthy.Yes, I will tell you a story below.

    Miss Gao is a white-collar worker responsible for logistics at a Shanghai-based technology company. He usually pays special attention to fashion, fashion trends, and so on. He sees that many foreign companies are using lifting desks last year. Mr. Jiang, the boss of Yaosuan, also used the lifting table. Mr. Jiang had never heard of the lifting table, but he was curious about the various advantages of the lift table described by Miss Gao and agreed to buy one to try.

Since Mr. Chiang used a lifting table to change the irritability of his past, he was happily and cheerful every day. The staff saw him constantly raise the desk, followed the swing of the dance music on the computer, make calls, press the keyboard, and arrange Work, the hands of the business did not delay.

At the beginning of this year, Miss Gao's company changed its office space. Under the “protest” of all employees, the bosses reluctantly eliminated the old office furniture and redesigned the staff with a brand new lifting desk.

In his daily work, Mr. Jiang took the lead in calling for everyone to stand up and move while he was working. He also compiled an aerobics class for everyone to do. The work atmosphere of the entire company was unusually relaxed and harmonious. Even if it was off work time, Miss Gao and her colleagues felt that they were working. The enthusiasm has not diminished, and the call can be really fast...

   Six months later, Miss Gao and her colleagues discovered that the boss’s puffy body became a strong one. The seventy-eight pounds of the veterans took up the road and was lighter and lighter. Everyone’s pleasure was the result of the lifting table: the lifting table had Weight loss!

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