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The harm of sedentary office white-collar workers

Ningbo Lank Linear Motion Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 25, 2018

     For modern urban women, the most common thing to do is to sit at a computer desk. However, sedentary activities are extremely harmful to the body. You can consider standing in the office to solve this problem.

     Most white-collar workers in modern cities sit in the office, sometimes they sit for a whole day, or they get busy and need to sit at a computer desk for more than a dozen hours in a row. As a result, there is no time to go out and move around, even sometimes. There is no time for drinking water and toilets. Despite busy work, it is appropriate to take appropriate time to walk around because sitting for a long time is extremely harmful to the body, especially women. So first take a look at the harm of sedentary.

     First, sedentary causes gynecological diseases. Due to the special physiological structure of women, women's private parts are in a humid environment for a long time. If they are sedentary for a long time, they can easily cause pelvic congestion, resulting in poor circulation of the attachment and the cervix, as well as poor ventilation of the genitals. The disease followed.

     Second, sedentary conditions predispose to endometriosis. This mainly refers to the menstrual sedentary period will lead to menstrual blood is not smooth, over time will have a squeeze, the formation of lump, and then cause endometriosis.

     Third, sedentary causes ovarian hypoxia. According to the survey, a significant proportion of patients suffering from infertility are caused by sedentary ovarian hypoxia.

     Finally, sedentary causes obesity. This is the greatest distress among women. The long-term sedentary body fat will increase. This is the biggest enemy of modern beauty-conscious women.

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