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A Highly Adjustable Desk

Ningbo Lank Linear Motion Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

The utility model relates to a highly adjustable desk, belonging to the technical field of automatic control. The adjustable desk comprises a desk panel, an elevating screw rod, box, footrest, base, seven digital tube, button control circuit, and the lifting support; screw connection end panel under the table, the table panel is arranged in the middle of the end face of the seven segment digital tube and buttons, the elevating screw rod is provided with a contact piece, a lifting screw rod contact the side contact piece lifting screw rod with the elevating screw rod moves up and down can contacts different stalls, a box placed below the elevating screw rod, box is connected below the footrest footrest, below the connecting support base supporting the entire table, the box is arranged in the DC motor control circuit. The utility model solves the problem of manual adjustment of table height and the different requirements of different people on table height, and can automatically adjust the table height simply, quickly and conveniently.

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