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Can Automatically Adjust The Height Of The Smart Desk So That Workers Away From Sedentary Disease

Ningbo Lank Linear Motion Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 08, 2017

Whether you need to work, or live entertainment, mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our lives. To say that their benefits are too numerous to mention. But there are advantages and disadvantages, we have to admit that these things make our cervical vertebra is getting worse.

According to South Korean media reports, a recent survey showed that neck and shoulder pain caused by the treatment of cervical disc herniation in South Korea 10 to more than and 20 year old crowd surge.

According to the analysis, this is mainly due to the use of smart phones, computers and other devices when the posture is not correct.

South Hill Hospital Department of Neurosurgery professor said, "the cervical intervertebral disc herniation is mainly due to the use of intelligent mobile phone or tablet computer and other equipment due to improper posture caused by neck pressure increase, coupled with the crowd of 10 to more than and 20 years to prevent cervical disc herniation cervical muscle also has not been fully developed, so the excessive movement or busy the work is very easy to cause neck muscle damage".

Reported that, in order to prevent cervical disc herniation, usually best to maintain the correct posture, a slight rise. Computer office, the screen should be transferred to the same level as the eye. If you have to use your computer for a long time or watch your cell phone for a long time, it is important to do stretching exercises and relax your neck and shoulder muscles.

Sometimes very contradictory, and now, more and more people bow, human-computer communication has been far greater than the exchange of everyone, I am afraid that we do not talk directly after the WeChat drag a group of people, to the group chat. In fact, this will cause some psychological problems. This is not a joke.

U.S. federal officials at a press conference quoted a report that in 2013, as for 2014 years, the United States, each of the 13 young people, there are 1 people have serious suicidal tendencies.

The Associated Press reported, the report released by the substance abuse and mental health services administration said the United States 18 to 25 year-old young population of 2 million 600 thousand, there are serious psychological tendency Dutch act accounted for 7.4%.

According to the American Association of Dutch act introduction, signs of serious psychological tendency Dutch act include: regular thinking and talking about the Dutch act; alcohol or drug abuse increased; the loss of life goals or hope; not with friends, family members or reject other social contacts. In addition, grumpy, reckless and moody may be suicidal symptoms.

In fact, this is also a lot of pressure and the relationship between the young people face more and more responsibility, the pressure is also growing, if you do not know how to resolve the pressure is likely to go into the dead to bring spiritual burden. However, if you can find the work in the following news, may help you release the pressure to restore good mood.

Can you imagine such a scene? Are you working at his desk desk, suddenly started slowly off, how did enough. This is the design of a design company in Holland, but also the boss of the company to avoid employees come up with ideas.

In order to solve the work time, mail and telephone is still too much to deal with, employees have to work overtime. The boss of the company has taken a step to design a desk that will automatically disappear after 6 p.m.. The "moving" principle of this kind of desk is similar to that of the theater.

The company's employees are very fond of this design, because there is no need to work overtime, and even a harmonious relationship. The boss is also satisfied with the measure, which can improve the work efficiency.

After the office desk, the office has other functions. After work, it becomes a completely open space where employees are free to use the office, such as practicing yoga or dancing.