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Flexible Details Designed To Enhance Office Furniture Performance

Ningbo Lank Linear Motion Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 23, 2017

In the process of people working, unreasonable office furniture, how much will bring the number of inconvenience, will reduce our office efficiency. If in the office furniture to add some flexible details of the design, may be able to improve the efficiency of the work a lot, but also make work more effort. We can through the following design to achieve the flexibility of office furniture, through technical improvements to optimize the performance of office furniture.

We know that the reason why people are flexible, because the body's limbs can flexion and extension, if the office furniture parts can also be folded and stretched, then it is very flexible. In the need to transfer handling, we can put the furniture folded up, so easy to use more efficient. If it is a folding screen desk, you can also free to stretch with the number of work bits, and easy to put out a variety of forms. In general, the folding function in the use of space on the miraculous.

Technology help, more flexible performance

For the modern science and technology developed society, the office furniture to add some electronic intelligence system, to increase the ease of use, is a very easy thing. Some of the innovative concept of Shanghai office furniture factory, is the desk designed to a highly adjustable structure, and then joined the electronic control system, through the button will be able to control the height of the lift, (in fact, by adjusting the height of the chair can achieve the same effect ) To meet the different ways of working posture. There will be intelligent systems to join the file cabinet to the sensor password as a key, making the storage of items more secure.

Parts are flexible

There are many functional accessories in the office furniture, which are part of the more detailed, such as the screen desk desk screen. The general screen are semi-fixed, not flexible, but we can customize the office furniture, the screen is designed to be free to adjust the adjustable, for example, multi-layer screen, you can switch freely; can pull joints, Adjust the area and height of the screen. There are some manufacturers in addition to the design of hardware accessories are not completely connected to the furniture, the entire office furniture is entirely made up of a piece of blocks together, each building blocks are connected by a similar tenon structure, so completely called the details of the flexible design The. The details of these improvements and improvements are constantly improving the use of office furniture performance, bringing more convenient office experience

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