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Lifting Platform A Major Component Of The Role

Ningbo Lank Linear Motion Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 07, 2016

1. lift the base, each platform has a chassis made of welded frame, five feet on the chassis in order to spread loads from up column pressure.

2. columns, columns are steel pipe, chain gear, welded reinforcement of triangular structure, column into the criteria and limits bits column, limit column at the top and the bottom, bottom is to switch the stop limit column limitation, preventing the risk base drive collision or accident.

3. lift beams, beam of the lifting platform is composed of a platform basis for a comprehensive work, which is in the triangle of three high quality steel welded structure, solid and reliable, ensuring job security as a whole.

4. drive, lift platforms installed drives is to control in pillar on some rail-wheel, and driving motor brake device, able to power off the drive motor can be stopped in the column on the rack moves.

5. safety, work safety, installation protection is essential to the work of lifting platform, mainly protective accessories safety, guard rails, shields, platforms, stairs, etc.