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Professional Analyses For The Main Mechanical Components

Ningbo Lank Linear Motion Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 07, 2016

1, lifting machinery factory is a professional manufacturer of cantilever type lifting platform presentation basis beams is composed of lift face lift machinery equipment, it is composed of three square steel tubes welded into a triangle lattice structure, is composed of 1.5M and 1.0M are two different specifications, through the pin connections between them to form a different length.

2, lifting machinery factory specializing in the analysis of safety components the main security gate, fence, guard, foot lever, platforms, stairs, and so on. Safety platforms up and down the channel. When the safety gate is open, through the sensor cannot start the motor, only to start the motor with the safety gate is closed. Barrier is finalized framework of welded, socket on the platform beam, railing height l.2m, bottom of foot plate retaining length two, with platform corresponds to the length of the beam.

3, lifting machinery professional talking about motor lift equipment, power plant, through two turn down the column of vertical movement of the motor, motor with brake, power lock motor in the post, motor gears by moving column on the rack.