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What Are The Classification Of Height Adjustable Desk?

Ningbo Lank Linear Motion Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2017

Commonly used in learning, office, Internet and other aspects, according to the way up and down, broadly divided into the following three categories:


The automatic Height Adjustable Desk is usually powered by electricity. It can adjust the height of the Height Adjustable Desk by the mechanical device controlled by the motor. The height of the lifting table can also be adjusted by the compressor to control the pressure bar or the hydraulic bar.

The utility model has the advantages of small power consumption, stable style and beautiful appearance and large lifting range.

This kind of table has single column and double column form, the lifting mode has two kinds of remote control and hand control. This concept is popular in foreign countries. At present, there are also professional manufacturers in China and developed patented products.

Disadvantages: expensive, single biprism price in more than two thousand or three thousand, higher prices for the same products abroad. The main lifting depends on the electric lifting system, and the quality of the lifting system determines its service life. Because the lifting system is a mature industry, the quality of the factory is not good.

In the early twenty-first Century, it was used by most foreign and City Office staff. The west is more popular.

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