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Xiamen Primary And Secondary School Desks And Chairs Will Be Replaced By Adjustable Desk

Ningbo Lank Linear Motion Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2017

The high myopia rate of primary and secondary school students has attracted much attention. Yesterday, the mayor line is concerned about the topic "health" in primary and secondary schools, city bureau director Lai Han line when you answer the mayor said, in Xiamen in the future, will gradually replace the original desks and chairs all adjustable desks and chairs.

A group from the Xiamen municipal Revolutionary Committee research data show that: in order to reflect the function of heart and lung vital capacity as an example, 2008-2009 year and 2007-2008 year than boys and girls, down more than 190 ml more than 150 ml drop. As far as eyesight is concerned, the myopia rate of boys and girls in 2008-2009 is 62.64% and 68.25% in primary schools, 79.70% in junior high schools and 87.32% in high schools, and 87.06% in high schools and 92.2% in high schools. That is to say, to the junior high school stage, the vast majority of teenagers have become short-sighted.

Lai Han said, in the health problems of primary and secondary school students, in addition to reducing the burden, the school should pay attention to lighting, the specifications of the classroom desks and chairs. In the desks and chairs on the specifications, adjustable tables and chairs are very good for the spine, junior high school height drop, whether tall or short, can according to their actual situation to adjust the height of the desk. In the future, Xiamen will gradually replace the original desks and chairs into adjustable desks and chairs.

In addition, Lai Han also writing to the teacher's requirements, proposed the teacher writing on the blackboard writing should be clear, to make the most of the students in the back can see the writing on the blackboard. When students read and write, they should start from childhood.

Lai Han stressed that to allow students to exercise more than one hour a day to sleep for an hour every day, should be sufficient nutrition. Schools should further implement the students' physical education, to ensure that students have an hour of exercise every day, there are physical education on physical education, physical education did not arrange the day, but also to allow students to stay to exercise.

In the prevention of myopia, primary and secondary schools in Xiamen health care institute director Yu Hong said, as parents, myopic children must go to the hospital for medical optometry, don't go to the optician, to check whether the child is true myopia or myopia. More than 100 degrees, you can properly configure glasses.

In addition, parents should pay attention to strengthening the nutrition of students, so that students can exercise more. Don't watch TV for more than forty or fifty minutes. After forty or fifty minutes, let the students get up and about, relax and look into the distance. To let the students to do eye exercises, massage to do, to do the standard.

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